Wanted: Partners in Our – and Our Clients' – Success!

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, July 2010

Over the last two decades, General Patent Corporation has had an informal network of people, businesses and other organizations that have referred business to us. Patent practitioners, inventors, IP litigators, licensing executives, business owners, technology transfer managers and others who know what we do have referred patent owners to General Patent.


Added Value: The GPC Suite of Services

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, March 2010

This month and next, we offer a two-part series about the unique and comprehensive package of services that not only enforces your patent, it may also strengthen it in the process – and all at no upfront cost to the patent owner!

Since General Patent is not a law firm, we engage a law firm to litigate each patent infringement lawsuit we undertake on behalf of a patent owner. However, successful patent enforcement is more than simply engaging a law firm and filing a lawsuit.


Accelerate or Abandon: A Tough Choice for Independent Inventors and Small Biz Owners

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, December 2009

UPSTO Director David Kappos first announced a new program in his opening remarks at the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) annual meeting this past September, then discussed the initiative further last month at the Independent Inventors Conference, held at the USPTO’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.


Software Companies, Internet Retailers and Other Groups File “Bilski” Briefs

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, November 2009

By the time oral arguments began November 9 before the US Supreme Court in the Bernard L. Bilski v. David J. Kappos case, more than 70 separate industry and policy groups had filed amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs, seeking to bring various issues to the Court’s attention.