Patent Infringement

Patent infringement occurs every day!
Your patent gives you the right to “exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling” your patented invention. Patent infringement occurs in all industries and every sector of the economy. There are no Patent Police, so fighting patent infringement is the job of the patent owner. The Patent Office issues patents. It does not pursue infringers nor investigate claims of patent infringement.

Patent infringement is the unauthorized use of your property!
When a person or business infringes your patent, they trespass on your property or, more specifically, your intellectual property. They take from you the revenue your patented invention produces for them and would have produced for you. You have the right to sue perpetrators of patent infringement, but a patent infringement lawsuit is often a David-versus-Goliath struggle. The inventor and patent infringement plaintiff is often an individual or small business, while the patent infringement defendant is a large corporation. It’s not a fair fight!

Since the cost of patent litigation can run from a few hundred thousand dollars into the millions of dollars, most inventors are simply not able financially to enforce their IP rights regardless of how blatant the infringement of their patents may be! Infringers know this, so many openly infringe patents with impunity.

You need a patent infringement champion with deep pockets
That’s why inventors, small businesses and other patent owners look to General Patent Corporation (GPC) when they are victims of patent infringement. Our legal staff will analyze your patent infringement allegation, and if we determine that you have a viable patent infringement claim, we may offer to manage and finance a patent enforcement campaign on your behalf.

One result of the patent enforcement campaign we pursue on your behalf, and the ensuing patent infringement litigation, may be a license or several licenses that produce royalty payments for the use of your patent. We may also be able to secure a settlement for past infringement of your patent. If you manufacture a product that uses your patent, we may also be able to sue infringers for the lost profits caused by sales of products that used your patent.

No cost on your part
General Patent underwrites any and all expenses involved in any patent infringement litigation we pursue on your behalf, and that includes research, experts, expert witnesses, court reporters, document production, discovery proceedings, video depositions, trial demonstratives, and all other litigation expenses and disbursements. And we are only paid if and when we reach a successful resolution of your patent infringement claim!

Incredible patent infringement results for our clients!
What makes GPC the leader in patent infringement prosecution is our record over the years of producing results for our clients. General Patent Corporation has consistently reached satisfactory settlements for our clients. Think about this: You will have one and only one opportunity to win compensation for the infringement of your patent. Why not go with the leader in managing and financing successful patent infringement litigation?

Have us evaluate your patent infringement claim
It costs nothing to have us analyze your claim of patent infringement, and it puts you under no obligation. Complete a Patent Infringement Inquiry or call us at 888-861-8484. We will evaluate your patent infringement claim, and if we believe we can assist you in the enforcement of your patent, we will send you a detailed proposal to review and consider.