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Patent Enforcement: What to do…

"Patent Enforcement: What to do and what not to do" (IndustryWeek OnLine, April 14, 2010) –GPC’s CEO, Alexander Poltorak, covers the dos and don’ts of patent enforcement for inventors and small businesses.

"Patents, Patent Rights and Patent Ownership" (Power Engineering Technology, May 2011) – GPC’s David Gulko addresses the timely issue of patent ownership when businesses and other organizations file for patents based on new technologies developed by their employees.

Expert Assessment: Don't Overlook the Marketing Value of Your Company's IP,
Part II
" (Marketing News Exclusives, February 3, 2011) - The second part of this two-part article series by Alec Schibanoff explains how to use patents, patent applications and even patent infringement litigation as public relations tools.

"Expert Assessment: Don't Overlook the Marketing Value of Your Company's IP,
Part I
" (Marketing News Exclusives, January 20, 2011), by Alec Schibanoff, General Patent’s Vice President of Marketing, discusses how to use your patents to give your company a competitive edge.

"Patents: 10 things engineers should know" (Control Engineering, November 29, 2010), by Richard Ehrlickman, GPC's Vice President of Intellectual Property and Licensing, presents ten basic – but vitally important – pieces of advice for engineers who wish to patent their invention.

"Patent Basics for Design Engineers" (Design News, September 29, 2010), by General Patent’s Director of Licensing, Kathlene Ingham, explains not just patents, but also the differences between patents and other forms of intellectual property such as trademarks, brands, product names and product designs.

"Do Not Overlook Your Business' Intellectual Assets"  (WasteAdvantage Magazine, June 2011) – Alec Schibanoff covers what businesses need to know about patents versus trade secrets and the benefits and limitations of each, and why it is so important for businesses to protect their intellectual assets.

"Royalty Treatment - The Patent Circuit: From Application to Enforcement" (Circuits Assembly, June 30, 2011) – Kathlene Ingham offers up real-world advice for innovators and entrepreneurs on patents, patent enforcement and a company’s intellectual property can give it a competitive edge.

"Assertive Licensing Boosts the Value of Dormant Patents" by Alexander Poltorak, published in the May 2010 issue of The Licensing Journal (PDF)

“You’ve Been Infringed – Now What?” by Alexander Poltorak, published in the June 2009 issue of Inventors Digest (PDF)

"Patent reform misses the mark" by Alexander Poltorak. Op-ed in the Washington Times, May 25, 2010 (PDF)

"Intellectual property protection extends beyond patents" by Alexander Poltorak, published on Energy Digital's blog, April 9, 2010

“Who Needs Patents” by Alexander Poltorak, published in Patent Strategy & Management, March 2009 (PDF)

"First-to-File vs. First-to-Invent" by Alexander Poltorak, published in IP Today, April 2008. (PDF)

"US Can't Afford to Mar Innovation" by Alexander Poltorak, published in the Christian Science Monitor, January 28, 2008 - Proposed patent reforms mean less protection for the underdog

"First-to-File vs. First-to-Invent" from Wealth of Ideas newsletter, October 2007 - explains an important proposed change to the US patent system and the potential damage it could do to individual inventors and small companies

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